Charles DeLisi is an American biomedical scientist. He is currently the Metcalf Professor of Science and Engineering at Boston University and Dean emeritus of the College of Engineering. In addition to authoring or co-editing seven books, he, his students and collaborators have published more than 300 research articles on subjects as diverse as biophysics, cancer genetics, immunology, and structural biology. He is internationally recognized for his contributions to mathematical and computational science and has recently been applying his extensive expertise to identifying potential solutions to climate change.

Dr. DeLisi is the recipient of numerous awards including the Presidential Citizen’s Medal for seminal contributions to initiating the Human Genome Project. In conferring the honor, President Bill Clinton said: “Just as Lewis and Clark set forth to explore a continent shrouded in mysterious possibility, Charles DeLisi pioneered the exploration of a modern-day frontier, the human genome. His imagination and determination helped ignite the sequencing revolution that would ultimately unravel the code of human life itself.”

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